You may know all the following, but if you don’t, please have a read through it all before you go into the hills and mountains on your own, and especially if you are taking a group.

The training offered by Black Mountains Walking can give you much more information on these topics.  Please contact us for further details.

Whenever you go into the hills and mountains, make sure you are prepared and that everyone in the group is capable of completing your intended walk. Take the right kit, food and water; check the weather before you go; and know what to do in an emergency!

Select an icon below to view information on each of kit, weather and emergencies:

 1. Kit


  • walking boots, with sufficient support for your ankles and grip on the sole.
  • clothes –
    • base layer;
    • light weight, quick-drying trousers (not cotton and especially NOT denim jeans);
    • mid-layers (micro – fleece is ideal)
    • water proof jacket and over trousers (these also help to protect you from the wind)
    • warm hat and gloves
    • take an extra warm layer – it gets cold on the hill when you stop
    • sun hat and sun cream when necessary!

in addition, make sure you take….

  • map (preferably OS 1:25,000 or 1:50,000) and compass, and know how to use them – do not rely on phones or electronic navigation devices alone
  • first aid kit
  • torch with spare batteries… it does get dark, even in summer. You will need this, especially if you are delayed
  • plenty of food and water for you and your party
  • a survival bag
  • an emergency whistle
  • mobile phone
  • watch

Make sure everyone in your party is capable of doing what you propose to do, and that they all take the appropriate kit as above.